FT- Frantic, beater 888

Yo, looking for something new to throw. Ill entertain any offers, fools gold would be cool. I will trade both for one nicer yo. I mostly hangout at YYN so if I dont get back right away here try email, threepete23@gmail.com
Frantic- There is a small scratch (picture). I have the box.

888- This one has some character. Its actually two different halves put together, I bought it from Jun H, he got it from dr.yoyo, he got it from realgambit. I’ve done some things to it, its been satined enough to make the whole yo raw, I painted the black part, it was red underneath. I drew some things on there with a paint marker. Comes with a KK. Oh, and no pads are in it, I haven’t brought myself to order them yet. Its I guess considered a beater, but I love it still.