FT: Dark magic 2 and yyf JK

Hi, I’ve got a dark magic 2 and a yyf jk that aren’t seeing much play so i figured i’d trade them for something new. The dark magic has a lot of tiny scuffs and scratches, nothing that affects play. The JK is in good condition with just a few pinpricks and microscopic scratches that my camera can’t pick up.

Ideally i’d like to trade both of em for either a duncan raptor or a dv888, and if you really want to make my dreams come true, you could trade me a b-grade or beaten up genesis or SD smooth move. Go ahead and offer me what you have even if it isn’t on my wants list, I’m just looking for new things to throw.


b. beat
u. up
p. poppins

yar! this be me bump for the day!


Here is a free bump, :wink: ( I didn’t get you one for Christmas) ;D


I’m sorry, I’m a total noob at B/S/T, so what’s a bump? And I’m interested, but I can’t be absolutely sure until this weekend. I have a Duncan Raptor.

bump stands fro bring up my post, basically you do it every time you want your post to be brought back up to the front so people will see it. and great! I’d love to trade for your raptor but keep in mind the popstar might be taken, but if you’re interested i also have a near mint yyf jk.

my bump for the day, and if you didn’t notice, I have switch out the popstar for a jk as my popstar is being traded