FS/FT Special edition Dark Magic 2(MIB) and/or dv888

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I’m selling or trading my yoyos to hopefull upgrade the 2 for something better, both are mint condition or better. The special edition acid wash DM2 is essentially brand new, no marks whatsoever and only played with a few times. The Dv888(
) is also great condition, only one tiny pin prick and its so unnoticable you cant see it in pictures. PM me for offers TRADE or SELL, im not looking for plastic or garbage. If anyone has a puffin i’d trade both and some cash.
Pics in a sec

Here’s the special edition acid wash dark magic 2(MIB)

BUUUMP, hit me with offers…

bump, only DM2 is available, in perfect condition essentially brand new

Looking for trades for DM2, will give money as well… pm me. BUMP