Dark Magic for sale only $30 or trade for Northstar

I am selling a Dark Magic for $30. It plays amazing, with only a few dings and nicks that don’t effect play. One of the caps is on backwards, and I don’t have a suction cup to get it off, sorry :slight_smile: If you have any trade offers, please don’t hesitate. I’ll throw in 10 orange strings too
Sorry about it pending so long, some guy told me he wanted to buy this so we talked about the deal and he messaed me, like, once every 2 days and it was really annoying. Afte a while, he just never messaged me back.

So that means that if we can’t get this worked over the course of 5 days, I’m movin on. Sorry

Bumpalicious :slight_smile:

You don’t have to bump after three hours.

only 30 dollars

how would i but iy from you just send money you send me a yoyo or what else ???

That’s usually how it works.

cant tell what color it is…:\