FS: Dark Magic

I have a Dark Magic For SALE unless I get an amazing offer. Looking for around 30 shipped.

Black, satin, the rims are a little bit flatter because I wanted to sand out a few dings.

Pics: http://img24.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=263k.jpg

Smooooth, has caps.


27 Shipped

Glasseye FHZ
Tahashi FHZ
Clear FHZ + Cash.

I will take it for 27.00 shipped. I will email you. tim

My offer still stands if you change your mind. tim

I can’t take your offer, PayPal only.

Not sure why you can’t take whatever he has but if it’s money order and your really going to be like that then he could pay a neighbor or somebody close that has a paypal and that person can do paypal to you then.

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i’ll trade a hitman and a dvd for it plus some string and maybe a die the hitman has a few dings but still plays great.

Thanks for trying to help. Payapl is the issue. I will not ever use paypal again. Wife lost 200.00 thur paypal because of a scam artist. I have seen other like issues in my other hobby. Adult Airguns. Anyway thinks for trying to help. tim