Dark Magic w/ 50 orange strings and other stuff FREE SHIPPING

Dark Magic with 50 orange strings. Plays really smooth. It’s silver and one of the caps are on backwards (easy fix). I could put in 6 bucks, a Duncan Freehand, and 3 yoyo cards (Augie Fash, Eric Koloski, and Jan"Shpek" Novotny). If it comes to this, I will put in my Duncan shirt, if that is a dealbreaker, but PLEASE don’t make me give it away :slight_smile:
Looking for:
$$$$$$<------- I would rather have a trade
EXIT 8!!!<------ My biggest Want
NOT looking for:
2A or 4A yoyos
I know I probably won’t get any trades, but if you are feeling generous, don’t hesitate! Any other offers,throw them at me! If you would want anything else, just ask me. I am open to questions

How much are you looking to sale this for?