AHolyPure's B/S/T For Trade

Hey hey hey everybody! Welcome to my BST and here’s what I got for trade

Mint YYJ Trigger

C3yoyodesign Darksonic has a 3-4 scuffs but nothing serious.

Prototype OD Rally (The lighter version) Has two cracks but it doesn’t affect play smooth as ever.

Werrd Gold Irony JP. Has a ton of 3a marks and a couple of dings and retapped on one side (whew that’s a ton of damage) but yet still so smooth and a trooper (got it like this btw)

Pm me for damage

Wants: Any CLYW any damage is fine as long as it plays true.
Duncans: Cuda, Raptor,Torque, and Echo 2
Any Offers is good.

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well, this sux i had to just drop money for 2 tires for my sisters car X_X, but if you can wait till friday,ill give you 75$ for it

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