FT - CLYW X YYF MOONSHINE, OD Benchmark O, Hugo Z Hor, Too HOT Prototype


I stopped throwing for a bit and now I’m back and looking to try out some new throws. So send me some offers.

JUST ADDED CLYW X YYF MOONSHINE  - See pictures in post below.

See pictures for condition, but Hugo Z Hor, Benchmark O and Yelets are Mint/Near Mint. I cannot see any marks on these throws. The YYF Too HOT Prototype there are a few non-feel-able marks. Please PM me for more pictures if interested.

This Hugo Z Hor or “Hugo from the Mountains” as it is translated is pre-Duncan branding, so this may possibly have been a prototype or special Czech team edition, I’m not sure, but it plays really nice and it would make a great pocket throw.


Yelets is pending a deal right now and I’m also in the middle of negotiations on the Hugo Z Hor.



Yelets is now sold.


Adding CLYW X YYF Moonshine.

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