Hugo Z Hor (Plus high speed video) -
I have been dying to try this yo-yo since I first heard about it last August. The first run of the Hugo Z Hor in June 2008 was the first high end yo-yo to be manufactured in the Czech Republic, and did not even hit the states until last February. Since then I have been on a hunt to get my hands on one of these babies, and a few weeks ago I finally got the chance. Without any more delay, here is the Review of the only yo-yo that comes packaged in a stuffed Rat, the Hugo Z Hor. Hugo “From the Mountains”.

Read the review and see a high speed video “Hugo vs Mouse Traps” after the jump -

Yay! Nice review as always.

Awesome review.

Sigh I wish that I would have kept my Hugo. Now I will have to look for another. Great review as always.