FT- CLYW and OD. LF- Orcas


I got some yoyo’s up for trade today.


I’m mainly only looking for Orca’s right now, but offer something else if you think i might like it. Strongly prefer splash colorway Orca’s also.

Bonfire- A few very small pin pricks and one tiny ding. Fantastic condition

Gnarwhal- Only one or two small scratches, awesome condition as well.

Cascade- Good condition, only light damage. Code 2 gone already

Thanks for looking!



bump. I says i bumped twice today, but i bumped 11:48 PM my time last night, so it was only 1 bump today i promise :slight_smile:


Is the yeti available still? PM me if you’d like to trade for some of my throws.


Bump! Fresh new stuff :slight_smile:


trade you my bonfire for your ac1?


If you’re going to make an offer on a B/S/T, you have to send the person a personal message, you can’t just post in their thread.


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