FT/FS: CLYW Orange Orca or 2Sick Queen for Scout, Adv. Scout, or others

Looking to trade/sell my orange a-grade Orca for a scout, adv. scout, orca of another color, a cool space cowboy, or something else cool. I’d take $85 for the Orca.

Orca has one small pin prick that does not affect play.
Queen is mint


Still looking. Interested in One drops mostly.

Looking to trade a Prague Edition Yoyofactory Popstar (half blue & half green), Yoyofactory Velocity, Yomega Yomods (Pro Speed & BX2), and Yomega Xodus II.  Looking to trade all for one nice yoyo.  All 5 are in mint condition. I’m working on getting pics posted.  Until then I can email if anyone is interested.

Looking for a one drop, CLYW, or some other yoyo for all 4 preferably.

Looking to buy an OD Dingo, Yelets, Gradient, and other ODs. Also interested in FG CLYWs. Let me know what you have, condition, how it plays, and how much you’re asking.

New stuff

Still looking for ODs and a Gnarwhal.

I want any CLYWs or One Drops!!

New wants, needs, and trades!!!

I’m still Puffin2less!!

Looking yet still