PRICE DROPPED! FS: clyw orca. And "the dang" and the traveling throw "the oh" all are gone


PRICE DROPPED!! Hey everyone. I’m looking to sell those 3 yoyo.
Orca 80.00
The dang $40.00
And “the oh” $30.00
130takes the lot. Add 15 for shipping outside the U.S. I prefer CONUS though. I only accept PayPal to PayPal. Will ship either same day or next depending on when the sale is made

All are mint condition. Only the oh has a box. Thanks for your time and any help is greatly appreciated. Feel free to private message me and ask any questions if you need to


Just bumping this post

(Ken) #3

Dude, I have the same orca as you lolol


Oh nice lol. I got it traded to me a while back but I don’t know where the colorway actually came from LOL


Bump cause I want that dang but my wife will kill me :laughing::laughing: