CLYW trading for MVP or Bonfire

Sale and trade looking for Berserker RX and SS Yoyotrap Helium, Yoyosteel Iyoyo, Bonfire, Puffin 2, Wooly Marmot 2, Orca, Ayame Gradient, Noctu, KLR, Majesty, Essence

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The Magic Yoyo T5 is $25 online new. I can give you $15 at most for it

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Good luck.

I send you an e-mail inquiring about your bassline. :slight_smile:

Can you post the condotions of ur throws

Where are the pictures? This is like half a month old.

I just edited my bst I got the YWET at worlds this weekend

Where have I seen that Genesis and Code 2 before?..


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