FT: aqua 09 888, rare blue Skyline, Genesis, (Fade to Jade)54, M1/ Want: Code 1

I have for sale/trade:

Maybe more later

Trade for:
(You can offer NYYR stuffs, I don’t want any card of any kind at all)

  • Ti Walker (Will trade in your favor)
  • Sovereign
  • Code 1
  • Celtic 888
  • GM2 wounded steel (only)
  • BVM: Robot vs Ninja Moose (only)
  • Peak: Clareview Station, Alex Bearing Gull or 3rd run Peak
  • Set of modded Raider
  • Bearing (Terrapin X, Ceramic, 10balls)
  • Wood yoyo (no-jive)


P.S. I have trade feedback on YYN

ill give you a gold dingo it has apporx. 15 small dings a black gorylla thats in perfect condition that comes with 3 extra stickers and its black i also have a plastic grind machine it has two small scuffs it is half green an half blue for the ministar and the skyline.

I am really intrested in the red white and blue hatrick i do have paypal name a price. I have a genesis that i am willing to trade the genesis and 30$ plz pm me thanks.

What’s the yoyo next to the U.S.A. Edition Hatrick? And are you selling that too?

PM me the offers please.


The yoyo next to the USA Hatrick is a unengraved all-grey Hatrick. (not for trade)

Wait, the Gray Hatrick is not for Sale, or the USA Hatrick is not for sale?
If the USA Hatrick is still available, Ill trade you a Mint Pink Acid Wash YYF SuperStar for it. :wink:

Green Boss with 2 tiny scuffs and box for 09 888? NOT the beater… haha. If not good enough i can add money.