FT: Hatrick, others; LF: Sas, CODE1, Northstar, Peak ; Matterhorn Ava halves


I’ll have pictures up of everything this afternoon at some point. For now please reference the following link.

[b][u]I will sell everything on my BST for $120. If you trade me a Northstar and $90 it’s all yours. If you trade me a Green and a Blue Northstar + $70 it’s all yours. Great Deal. Let’s go!

OR will trade everything for any metal on my wants list.[/u]
I have Ten Ball bearings available as an option. First come first Serve. Brand new bearings, shielded, never used. Will include original baggy and 10 Ball logo card.

I have numerous stickers available to you as well. YYE (Both logos), Higby G String, and YYF stickers from the Birdhouse tour. $1 for the large YYF stickers, YYE stickers will be thrown in for free as they are available.

General Yo Hatrick: Red / Blue, Near mint with one small ding that goes through the anno. You cannot feel it on grinds. Comes with original box, 10 Ball, and extra goodies.

The Hatrick is an awesome throw. If you have never thrown a General Yo you will be impressed by it’s smoothness. The people who have owned this before me have said it is one of the smoothest yoyo’s they have ever thrown. This thing Grinds better than anything I have thrown, including CLYW and ILYY.

Blue 09’ DV888 (Made in the USA): Beat along the rims. Satin the rims and It’ll be good as new. I currently have a long axle installed in it. Don’t ask why…I used it’s original axle as well as it’s replacements numerous times. Plays with a little tiny vibe. Have Box.

White Whip: Nothing more. Have box.

Dark Magic II: Black, rims are a little damaged from 4a (Yeah I know…but it’s super fun) Could definitely do good with a polish.

MIB Clear Flying Squirrel: Great candidate for a paint job. I can custom paint it for you if you’d like. Check the photo link for a custom painted one I already did.

Aoda Miracle: Near mint. No box or damage I can see. Beautiful yoyo. Plays like a bigger DV888, feels lighter, grinds amazing. Green with Gold rims. Can be Hubstacked. Perfect beater candidate.

FH2010: It’s green with blank caps. 2 Chaz pads installed. Broken in. Awesome

Pair of Unmodded Raiders: Half Red / Half Black. Great loopers. I’m just not into 2a or looping.

FHZ: Custom painted Raptor Caps (Metallic Blue), Green body, dual sili, beefcaked. Best FHZ I have ever played.

MIB YYF Holder: Hold your yoyos on your belt loop.

I am only looking for specific yoyo’s. DO NOT OFFER ME ANYTHING NOT ON MY WANTS LIST

I do not care about dings and scratches. As long as the yoyo works I will most likely take your offer.


CODE 1: Relic, Thunderstorm, Nickel or Splatterhouse edition. Near mint preferably.

NorthStar: Green or Orange very near mint. Half Green Half Blue would be epic.

Sasquatch: Abominable, Smokey Lake, 28 Stories, Rockabully. Offer any colorway though. No Green (I have enough Green throws) or mostly Yellow (Unless it’s gold nugget) colorways.

Peak: Any run, Any condition.

Bapezilla or EETSIT: Any Condition. As long as it’s playable.


Thanks for looking! I hope to receive some offers.

Don’t hesitate to bargain with me. Anyone who has traded with me will tell you I am a generous trader.


I also want to trade a Green Splash Matterhorn Avalanche half for a BLUE splash half. If you are interested contact me via PM.

pm sent

I’ll give you a yuuksta with 4ish dings and some noticeable vibe w/ a 10ball bearing and along with that a DV888 with like 2 scuffs that comes with a ct bearing and only has a tiny bit of vibe + an extra 10ball bearing and some string for the hatrick. I also PM’d you about this.

Bump. The Hatrick has a new axle now.

@Eggman. I am not looking to sell the DV888 by itself at this time. You can find a much better condition one anyway. Mine is pretty beat up on the rims but plays excellently.

@guitaryo I am not interested in any other yoyo’s aside from the ones I listed in my wants list.

Bump it up. No longer searching for a 44 Clash Severe. Cause I gots one!

Bump. This is a great deal guys. Especially if you’re just starting out. Get a near mint Hatrick for a great price plus a ton of goodies.

The sass…