AWESOME SALE as cheap as u want yyf werrd and more also some trades

for sale or trade

[1] satined JA superstar but only a side with the JA purple and gold splash it has a couple lil nicks micro sized …it retail for 145so >**********80-90$********<

[2] so next i have a really nice near mint satined 4xl which i like but not for my guy wright like style medium speed with flowy tricks its more of slow or fast not in between so i dont need it any more      …i bought for120 so ./…u tell me what price u think is fair

[3] then I have a NEAR mint satined 2010 g5 that has my personal idea satin on it that I call ghost checkers I will be getting pics later this week don’t worry like tomarrow night


[4] next up the spyy worlds lg bearing skyychaser MINTMINTMINTMINTMINT!!! CENTER TRACKED TOOOOOOOOOOOO

[5] satined almost mint wooly marmot with unsatined sides blue w/ green acid wash

I AM on vaction so cant get pics till tomarrow night and i also have more YOS JUST no time till i have time to post it

4xl and marmot pics for now

Come on I really want some trade offers or money I’m trying to get new yos and a ipad

Please don’t triple post. or bump in the same day you posted the thread. and please for god’s sake use proper spelling/grammar. Thanks.

I might be interested. But I dont have any cashright now and my best trade offers would be my frantic splash and lunatic…

dont critizize people on something and u not do it and FIXED because he likes proper grammer

What? And its on the rules dude, read the sticked topics.

ill give u 40 bucks and a metal zero for it