FT : All my YYFs and Duncans. LF : YYR and Turning Point. TRADE MULTIPLES!!!

Pics? Hit me with PM ;D

  • John Ando Superstar(Green gold splash) : Some scratches that don’t break the anno. Smooth.
  • GIANT edition Superstar(Orange black splash) : Only one small ding that doesn’t break anno too.
  • Winston Rockstar ‘Paul Han’ : One very little scratch on blue side. Said 95% condition.
  • YYF Genesis gold black acid wash. Actually some scratches but none break anno. Pending
  • YYF Popstar. Mint except it hit a wall that make a tiny mark.
  • Red Duncan Raptor. Mint. Pending
  • Blue with yellow caps Duncan FHZ. Modded one. Size C bearing. Mint. I can add 3 counterweights.

I also got about 50 bucks to add. I will only trade for Avalanche(Bushmen or28s), YYRs, and Turning Point stuffs. I will trade 2-3 for one. For YYF I might want a 2010 Severe only in MINT condition.