FS/FT: YYF, OD, Crucial, YYJ

Turning point yoyos
offer anything though im a pretty reasonable guy :slight_smile:

YYF Wounded steel GM2 1 of 50 (white nubs) 200$ trade(mint)
YYF Supernova (mint) 75$ trade
YYJ Red and gold Phenom (no caps) 70$ trade (scratches)
OD Cobalt Burnside 90$ trade (mint)
YYF orange 1st run DNA (white stacks) 80$ trade (one scuff)
OD half reverse hulk, half hulk smash splash dingo (center track) 70$ trade (mint 1 of a kind)
Crucial gray green splash confection (with original bearing) 60$ trade (mint)
YYF JK Superstar( with hubstacks) 70$ trade (mint)
YYF Blue green acid Superstar (with stacks) 70$ trade (mint)
YYF Green acid Avante Garde 75$ trade ( mint)

I.M. me for pics!!![/b][/i]

Pm pics of phenom might be interested.

pm me pics of the two superstars!