FT: Aftershock, Hatrick, Superstar; Three for One - Last bump - PENDING

They are currently pending.

One-Drop Valor
YYF Space Cowboy
2SickYoYos Queen
V-shaped yoyos

As the years have gone by, some of my yoyos have had greater misfortune than others. All of the below have particular defects, so I am willing to trade them all for one yoyo. Offer anything! I am not limited to my wants list.

G-Squared Aftershock

Has a discernible vibe but is largely tuned down from what it was before.

YoYoFactory Superstar

The new Superstars seem to have a thin wall, because due to over-tightening the metal morphed slightly. I tried to balance it out and so you can see an identical bump on both sides. Slight vibe, and a few minor flatspots and pinpricks that were difficult to get a picture of.

General-Yo Hatrick

This was a prototype colorway for the first run of Hatricks, and one of the first General-Yos with the skull logo. The yellow side is stripped and has the axle in with permanent Red Loctite, so the yoyo is completely functional and very smooth; you just have to be slightly gentle with it when screwing it apart and together. Most of the damage is pictured, but there are a few other spots with some minor damage.

chief is gone

bump. cmon ya’ll make offers

bump. get three excellently playing metal yoyos for one

been playing with the aftershock more since tuning it, so ill bump this another one or two more times before taking the post down. will still trade the hatrick, aftershock, and superstar for one yoyo, though. offer up before it’s gone

last bump - will take down thread after this