FT/ 888-POPstar-ZEN LF/CLYW, OD (will bundle)

This is my B/S/T, so naturally, here’s a few rules.

  1. If you offer and i accept, no saying, “Alright cool, now give me a week or so, so i can see if i get a better offer” Nothing annoys me more than when people do that.
  2. If you have more feedback than me, i will ship first, if i have more feedback then you, you will ship first NO EXCEPTIONS
  3. If you have any Negative feedback, i will not do business with you, PERIOD
  4. ONLY offer me things from my wants list.


Avalanche- Will trade 888 and POPstar for
Canvas- will trade all on this thread for
Chief- will trade all on this thread for
Campfire- will trade POPstar and ZEN for
Wooly Marmot- will trade 888 for.

Deitz- will trade 888 for
CODE 1- will trade 888 for
54- Will trade 888 for.
Burnside- will trade 888 for

Throws with any vibe.
FG throws.
B grades.

FOR TRADE click on the files at the bottom of this thread to view the pictures.

A near mint RARE GOLD EDITION!! 0’9 888- Smoothest throw i own, also probably my favorite, only scuffs, no actually dings.

A mint POPstar- Blue, crazy smooth, and fast, i think its a throw worthy of anyone’s time. only trading

A near mint Shinwoo ZEN- fast, i think its very underrated, ships with a free CBC bearing. only trading

PM me with offers.


pls. provide links to a ‘trusted’ online hostin’ site for pics…


partly cloudy…