FSFT: Raw Heritage! '10 888! LF: CASH MonthlyThrow Green YouKnowWhat, Synths, Titanium

PayPal F&F, or you cover fees. Open to ship international if you cover fees and don’t mind it being shipped disassembled.

ALSO looking for Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators (not Arcade, already have that one) or OP-1

Raw YoyoBrothers Heritage. NMTBS w/ box.
$50 (obo)

'10 888. Damage shown. $60 (obo)


Updated trade wants to include synths.

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BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMP! I need to sell these to buy more things. Shiny things. Loud things. Spinny things.

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Bumps! Also sell me a cheap ti.



Firrox is gonezo

Added Ti 888 Forever! Get it while it’s hot!

More like Cyber Bumpday, amiright?

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In the middle of each week is a Wednesday. Some refer to it as hump day. I prefer…


We bumpin’ on the DAILY. Need a green Parlay now too.

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Time to flex that direct deposit, folks!

888 Forever sold!