Please Close Most Everything Sold

PM for more pics/damage inquiries. Most are NMTBS. Prices are shipped f&f in the continental US. I’m also open to trades. Trade interests include:
General Yo
Interesting shapes and organics that I don’t already have.

For Sale/Trade
Topyo Double Zero $25
YoyoFactory Too Hot Nickel Plated $45
Mowl M Recess Edition $45
G2 Aftershock - damage pictured - slight string vibe



Really not looking to buy, but am curious as to what the 2 greens are.

n/m sorry…just realized you listed them in order of the image.

Hspin Beyond Envy
One Drop Gradient

Good luck on the sales, and congrats to all who get in on some awesome deals!

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The Gradient is a green/blue half swap

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What conditions is the edge in

PM sent


PM sent re:photon.

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Omg, dat marvel :weary:

It can be yours!

As a previous owner of that marvel, I can verify it looks WAY better in person too. The colorway is called Lava and it appears to be lit by a blue flame when you hold it in your hand!

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sorry, but you’re banned because you put in too many "bump"s. So, you’re going to have to just suck it up and send me a yo yo for free. tsk. better luck next time!

I wanna say, I really like that you put the extra time to edit your image with what is sold. Not everyone does that.


I like big bumps and I cannot lie!


Can a thrower get a bump up in here?

Edit: deleted redundant pics

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