A variety for sale

Hi all! I’m trying to organize my cases and so these guys need new homes. Open to selling or trading (trade wants in the comments). Everything nmtbs unless otherwise noted. For clarity - nmtbs for me means that the yoyo has been thrown but has no visible damage.

Left to right, top to bottom

Top row

YYF Will - blue w/ blue rims 65

YYF Edge - black w/ gold rims - has never been strung by me, does have some scuffs (will provide pics) 40 sold

2nd row

TP Acanthus - Blue - 65 - sold

TP Shake - black w/ blue splash. Might be the same hard coat collaboration they did w/ YYJ which is quite rare if so - 90

G2 Albatross - blue/purple acid wash - 200 sold

CLYW Wish - Green and blue half swap Rewind Anniversary Edition - 100

Rewind/SUS yo Collaboration “Act” - bright pink 70

Bottom row:

TP Counterjet - pink 110 sold

TP St Elmo - Blue Blast 55

CLYW Creep - Clear - 60 sold

TopYo Twin Drive - Blue w/ Black double rims 90

Mowl Surveil - Purple w/ Rainbow Rims - has some vibe and the rims spin/loosen when the temperature changes 90


Splash turning point bimetal (specifically levi6)

Awoken Anubis

Pacific storm banshee SS

Sf ignorance in wainbow




vtwo in a splash or Saturday market

Edolass (anything but black w ss rim)

AL7 conspiracy

Plasma crash rainbow

Atomic crash rainbow

Rainicorn splash

G2 triton

Mythril zeppelin


Andromeda hawk

2sick blitz

Mowl obsession+

G2 e23 plasmaberries

Can i have some side pics of the edge pls?

bump. updated with what has sold

PM sent


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