FS: Smashing Poppet, Amplified Banger, YoyoBrothers Heritage, ZerayZeray SS303 LF: Hashtag!

Offer me anything reasonable, more jojos purchased, more discounts!

Looking to trade for a Hashtag by YoyoFreaks. Most colors wanted.

Prices are USD shipped CONUS. DM for international rates.

Smashing Poppet - 3/10 - 20

Amplified Banger - 9/10, painted - 25

YoyoFactory Metal Arrow - 10/10 - 20

ZerayZeray sss303 stainless undersized, cork response (silicone installed, extra cork included), convertible from responsive to unresponsive, weird, satin - 8/10 - 60

Yoyobrothers heritage raw - 8.5/10 - 30


Updated trade wants to include synths.

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BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMP! I need to sell these to buy more things. Shiny things. Loud things. Spinny things.

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Bumps! Also sell me a cheap ti.



Firrox is gonezo

Added Ti 888 Forever! Get it while it’s hot!

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More like Cyber Bumpday, amiright?

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In the middle of each week is a Wednesday. Some refer to it as hump day. I prefer…


We bumpin’ on the DAILY. Need a green Parlay now too.

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Time to flex that direct deposit, folks!

888 Forever sold!


Changed significantly. Bumped arbitrarily.

Have you seen those ones that you can make at the Star Wars Galaxy adventure park place? There’s a few different ones you can build, they were pretty cool looking, but I don’t think they retract.

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YyF Metal arrow is awesome…for $20 someone should grab it. I got one in the yyf mystery box this year and it’s awesome. Whoever buys it won’t regret it.
Good luck.


I have! They are cool and official, but bloated by the Mouse. The unlicensed small makers are doing a MUCH better job especially with electronics and responsiveness. I’m looking to snag one from Electrum Saberworks.

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Agreed - I saw a video and saw the price tag, and don’t think it’s worth the price of the saber itself - I will say that the whole “experience” seemed pretty cool though with building it yourself and everything, and they do little RP like they’re the Resistance or whatever. But yeah, if you can get something cooler and have it not be from Disney, then I say 100% go for that lol.

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Just Googled this. 8 year old me is freaking out rn. What a neat time to be alive lol, I hope you can get one!

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