FS: YYRs and YYF

I would like to raise some funds for travelling, therefore i would like to sell some of my hardly played with throws. No trades, i’m afraid.
All prices are inclusive of 4% PayPal fees but not inclusive of shipping. More details at the bottom.

  1. Yoyorecreation Sleipnir: 9.0/10 condition, light scratches (make me an offer)
    This one is pretty interesting, because one side is the Shinya Kido edition, and the other has Chris Chia’s.

  2. Yoyorecreation e=mc2; Sam Scott edition: 9.7/10 condition b[/b]

  3. Yoyorecreation Attune; gold: 8.5/10 condition, 2 scratches b[/b]

  4. Yoyorecreation Overdrive; prototype: 7.0/10 condition, several scratches b[/b]

  5. Yoyofactory H.O.T.; pink: 6.0/10 condition, 2 dings and 2 scuffs b[/b]

I also have a pink Dreadnought and a Werrd Irony JP (2012 World’s pre-release) which i’m contemplating on selling, but if the offer is irresistible, i may cave in.

  • If needed, email me azleonhartgmailcom for macro photos or inquiries.
  • Prices above are open to negotiations, but try not to lowball.
  • Delivery may be made in two ways:
    a. By postal service from Malaysia (additional cost to buyer)
    b. I can bring them with me to Tokyo for World’s this August. Let me know before July, as i’ll also be there for the Kendama World Cup.

Thank you for your time.

Let’s do this. Imma try to bump with a story.

There was a guy

Who just started playing kendamas.

He wanted to learn new tricks

but he had Comcast at home (slow!).

So he just took it out to the mall

And he found some local players!

They were thrilled to see a new player,