FS/FT Older throws

Some older throws for sale/trade.

So I was really into yoyoing back in 2010-2014 and got myself a little collection oh throws. Now they have been collecting mostly dust in my desk so I thought if some of these would interest you guys. You can also offer me trades put do mind that I live in Finland so you have to ship to Europe then.

Here are the yo-yo’s:

-100$- yoyorecreation Dreadnaught (near mint, comes with packaging)

-95$- yoyorecreation Messiah (one small scuff, comes with packaging)

-55$- (SOLD!)Death By Yo-Yo EKG Slayve (like 3-4 scartches)

-45$- (SOLD!)HSpin Envy64 (some scuffs and small scratch, number 1211)

-75$- ILYY Falcon PreProduction (2 small scuffs, comes with original pouch, pin and info text)

-70$- CLYW Gnarwhal 1 (couple scuffs, comes with original box)

If you are interested I can post more pictures. These ones I took with my phone so not the best quality :stuck_out_tongue:



Oh man. Nice EKG!

Have any gung fus?

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No gung fus, sorry :confused:
edit: BUMP


:frowning: dang.

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Bump 2 :sunglasses:

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Hey!! I will gladly take that EKG and envy64 off of your hands!! You have no idea how long I have been looking for both of those throws! I am PayPal ready!!

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I’m so excited to even see an EKG again! I miss my old one so much

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PM sent.


haha that is so cool! So happy for you! :smiley: Damn it’s awesome to get yos on your wish list for decent prices!

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Thanks man :smiley: It truly is an amazing feeling!!

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