FS!! YYF Hong Kong Skyline, G5, 888, sb Hectic, PGM V.2

Ok this is a huge case cleaning for me.

  • All Prices are OBO and include shipping to continental US, if you are outside the continental US PM for shipping prices.

  • All transaction must be payed via PayPal

  • As for the the condition of all YoYo’s they are all mint, if you see them in a box in the pictures that means that they have never been removed and are MIP.

  • are all yoyo’s i may have throw 10-20 times, all ways over carpet and on my quest to find that perfect yoyo for me they are just not it.  So here they come up for sale for all of you that would like a deal on them.

  • yoyo’s ship with 10 highlights for free!!!

  • me a PM with offers.

I may consider trades for the following;

  • CLYW Bassalope
  • CLYW Red Wooly Marmot
  • ILYY Liopluredon

Happy Shopping all and have a great day.

YYF G5  $90 USD


YYF Hong Kong Skyline  $100 USD


YYF Small Bearing Black/ Red splash Hectic  $70 USD


YYF Grind Machine  $28 USD


YYF Purple classic 888  $100 USD


If you can find one of these PLEASE let me know!