FS: YYF & CLYW Gnarwhal Holiday Edition

Hey nation, Im looking to get rid of a couple of yoyos to get a new phone.

Dv888 splash: Gold with red splash and its beat to heck. Not going to say smooth, but i like it. Its better than most beat yoyos.

Dienasty: Blue, comes with a aoda kk. Amazing, its still mint after all this time.

Both bundled together for like $33 shipped.

Let me know. I’ll get pics upon responses, well…i’ll get pics up sometime soon.

Only for sale, mostly for funds for the new phone and because there is nothing else that i could possibly trade these for. Ive got clyw and well, these just arent gonna fly. SO NO TRADES.

Price NOT Negotiable. Thanks.

New Addition:

CLYW Gnarwhal: I have a Holiday edition gnarwhal that is not mint but is still buttery smooth. Im looking for a couple of things, money being the top dog, though. I’ll get pics up later, and its unengraved. I am getting rid of it and that is that, but im entitled to take whatever time necessary to find the right deal. No box, but comes with a center trac.


Wants: CLYW Sasquatch
Code 1 (want to see what its like before i try the code 2)
A Skywalker? (dont know if it’ll happen and ive never tried one, but the shape is beautiful)

OH and i’ll take any LARGE BEARING BASSALOPES!!!