FS: YYF, CLYW Crucial

Have some yoyos that could use a better home. If you wanna negotiate, go ahead and PM me, but for the most part, the prices are set.

YYF Skyline

Great yoyo, just don’t play with it enough. Has a few dings and stuff, but it plays smooth.

YYF Yuuksta

MIB, never opened.

B-Grade G5+

Again, its pretty beat. It plays great though, and I really would rather keep it, but it never gets played with. Has a minor vibe, can’t feel it while you’re playing.

Crucial A La Mode

Mint. Threw it for about 5 minutes, and have been letting it sit on my shelf since. Needs a better home.

That’s all. PM me if you’re interested in anything.
-Paolo B

Want your clyw,s

would you trade any of these for a dark magic 2? (preferably the beat up genesis)

No thanks.

Hey ll give you a beat 888x and a near mint boss and a speed maker for the wooly mormant and camp fire