fs x-convict.

it is as mint as it can get. green. i got it today and just do not like the shape of it.
it has not even hit carpet, and is smooth, no wobble, unless your throw is funky.
i put in a silicone sticker and a shaved o-ring. will give original o-rings if wanted.
$35 shipped. u.s. only.

will post pictures if my camera decides to work.

offer away and thanks.

edit: camera not workin now so i will try again the next time i have time.

pmd ;D

PMD again

wants updated

lookin for money now. lets say 35 shipped.


bump. come on guys, just offer. you never know what i will take. :wink:


last day. anyone? make me an offer. :smiley:

mine still stands

Want a yellow hybrid hitman or red dark magic? Both just have a bit of tarnish/possible small scratches on the rims but good condition.