(Price DROP) FS / FT: DARK MAGIC(Mint White) and Custom CASE

For Sale or Trade:
White DM (Mint) $32 $28 shipped! SOLD!
Hard case leather finish (straps included) - $30 $25

Interested in:
Protostar or PGM in any color (Will toss in some money too!)
DV888 (Will toss in some money too!)
Sunset Trajectory pair (Straight up trade for case)

With brand new camera packaging foam. Very firm and you can rest easy that your yoyos will be protected! I’m asking for at least $30 $25 dollars for time and materials and shipping, but make me an OFFER anyway! I may take it.

White DM pictured in the case is also for sale or trade $32 shipped. I threw it 3 times. When I say it’s MINT it’s new with no scratches or dings! Comes with original packaging.

How much?

hey cool i see you already started selling :smiley: i recomend with the next case make it have a handle on it or screw on a handle with this one :smiley: :wink:

Hey Buddha! Thanks for the advice! I forgot mention that those squares near the latch are actually hoops for straps to go through… The thrift store didn’t have any matching straps for it so I skipped it.


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can it fit a dingo

Theres plenty of room for a Dingo. It would probably be a little loose though.

yeah because i only throw undersized

Bump still available! Asking price lowered.

bump and modified!



Are you interested in a Freehand? I don’t need the Dark Magic though… but I don’t think it’s fair if I trade Freehand for case…

Bump added trading parameters.