FS/T YoYoJam&Proyo

Hi, I’m letting go of the two throws which are:
1: Yoyojam XConvict in Black, could use polishing and has a few marks. It is not in mint/collector’s condition but plays great, the original pads are not even worn out.
2: ProYo Turbo Bumble Bee GT First Run, it has lots of extras and the yoyo is in decent condition, but its box has seen better days.
I’d rather sell both and feel free to make an offer, we can talk trades too but I’d only trade for very few models so I wouldn’t get my hopes up :slightly_smiling_face: Have a wonderful day!

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Hi, quite interested with the yoyos. Any specific range of price you willing to let the yoyos go?

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@azizul8 Messaged you Mr!