FT/FS: Vintage Playmaxx Turbo Bumblebee! Rarer Koosh edition

Hello fellow throwers I have a nice piece of nostalgia up for trade. I’d also be willing to sell it. This is the iconic Turbo bumblebee. It’s not very good by today’s standards but it was a beast when it came out! I would like to find it a nice home because I have another one. This is the slightly rarer Koosh version. Shoot me offers! I will ship the the US only. Also if you have something worth more than my bee I am more than happy with trading the bee plus extra cash for some modern day throws. Condition is NMTBS. Comes with box.

Trades I’m interested in: any G2 always wanted one but never pulled the trigger. OD deep state, anything OD really. Duncan barracuda x or yoshicuda. RCS loonie. Maybe steel yo-yos open to any offers really!


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