FS/T: Werrd, Big Brother, and Spyy. LF loopers and cash.

Please pardon the quality of the picture. This was taken on the fly.

Starting from the left is a Bully (offer,) Juvenile Offender (offer,) Irony GBA ($80), and a Flying V($40.)

All of them are well played and have a few small marks here and there to show it. All of them are as smooth, except for the bully which has a hair of vibe. The Bully was anodized by Vendetta and is one of a kind.

Free shipping on the purchase of a yoyo, $5 shipping on straight trades, and $3 on cash + trades. The buyer will pay the fee for Paypal transactions.

I’m willing to answer any question may have about the yoyos and will also supply pictures if requested to do so.

I’m looking mostly for cash. I am willing to trade for 2A yoyos, as well.

I’m interested in:
Loop 900/1080
Speed Beetles
Cash is king.

I’m not interested in yoyos for any style other than 2A.