FS/T- TFL, DV888 - LF Duncan FHs and Strongbox


Prices include priority USPS. If you buy more than one, deduct $5 from each one past the first.

Case will be shipped via UPS (US only)

I will trade metal for duncan plastic

I WANT a duncan strongbox!

Looking for Freehand 0,1,2

DV888 is a first run made in usa - One Mark $30
The polished one is a werrd two fat ladies (TFL) - One small nick - $40

Case $90 shipped - Aluminum Rifle case holds 44 standard YoYos and 4 oversized + 4 counterweights

I’m cool with scuffs/scratches/flat spots as long as the spin is smooth.



B(ringing) U§ M(y) P(ost)


I’m interested In all three. If your willing to trade



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I’m still interested in your BvsM Does anything in my post interest you
Let me know

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