FS/T- TFL, DV888 - LF Duncan FHs and Strongbox

Prices include priority USPS. If you buy more than one, deduct $5 from each one past the first.

Case will be shipped via UPS (US only)

I will trade metal for duncan plastic

I WANT a duncan strongbox!

Looking for Freehand 0,1,2

DV888 is a first run made in usa - One Mark $30
The polished one is a werrd two fat ladies (TFL) - One small nick - $40

Case $90 shipped - Aluminum Rifle case holds 44 standard YoYos and 4 oversized + 4 counterweights

I’m cool with scuffs/scratches/flat spots as long as the spin is smooth.


B(ringing) U§ M(y) P(ost)

I’m interested In all three. If your willing to trade


I’m still interested in your BvsM Does anything in my post interest you
Let me know