FS/T CLYW C3YOYO SIDEEFFECTS LAST DAY or im trading it all away

I have today a foxy moss chief!
Some damage but it in no way inhibits play.
Im looking to sell but could take a look at trade offers if you send em in.
I have the box if you want it.
It plays superbly. There was the faintest hint of vibe but I just reset the axle and now it plays perfectly smooth. The axle is staying in place even after unscrewing, so no worries about messing up the smoothness after unscrewing.

I believe it is eighth run. Super pretty.

Looking to sell for 105 shipped, 95 shipped but if youre close to that price just let know so we can work something out.

Next up I have a B Grade C3yoyo design Dark Sonic.

Super Classy gold color. Blasted as well. The blast combined with the super powerful spins makes for great grinds, including those famous “finger spins”.

This was my daily carry for quite a while so it does have some damage. Has damage, but believe me, its nothing crazy. Also has the lightest vibe that is felt mostly through the string. Almost unnoticable during play. No box. Pretty much the best competition yoyo I own.

Feel free to offer on this one as well. For cash im looking at maybe 45 shipped 40 shipped

There are more pics of additional damage spots on the following link:

NEW: RARE Gray Disk and dome side effects. Looking to sell together, open to shipping method. 20 pplus shipping of your choice.

Buy them with the Dark sonic for 55 shipped.

Buy it all for 155 shipped.

Chief and side effects for 120 shipped

DONT ask about the other yoyos you see there because I no longer have them.

If youre looking to trade for these, Im looking for the following:

G- Squared

AL7 Nessie or Albatross




Pretty much all of em, just be fair with your offers people.


Irony- JP only please.


Kinda want to trade the Dark Sonic for a stargrade spyy orbitron.

Also want an El Ranchero.

One drop

Nickel or horsehead cascade only