FS/T: 99% of my collection: YYF, YYJ, WERRD, Gen-YO, BIST, Duncan, + MORE

Hey everyone, today im putting up a good portion of my collection for Sale mainly but open to trades. I ship via usps, and I ONLY DEAL WITHIN THE US.

heres what i have:

BIST Competizione- its mint and orange. its smooth and plays very well. not much to say about it. $ 55 shipped

Yfactor- its orange/blue. it has one super small ding on the blue half and plays amzingly well and smooth $ 50 shippedhttp://farm6.static.flickr.com/5291/5590132724_462bf74641_z.jpg

Phenom- its a great yoyo. it plays top of the line and is a nice thing to look at. its blue/green like a bape. It is in excellent condition but the green half has a weird unoticeable mark on the metal. $100 shipped

California- it has a bunch of marks around the rims but plays very well. it has a very slight vibe but plays great. good 5a yoyo. comes with nubs. $40 shippedhttp://farm6.static.flickr.com/5228/5589568449_b2e49c786f_z.jpg

Yuuksta- its a blue acid wash and has a few small dings but plays super smooth. one of the few undersized yoyos i like and that says alot $45 shippedhttp://farm6.static.flickr.com/5301/5590121692_6a5c1d06e7_z.jpg

Axiom- its red and has a good amount of damage around the rims. it still plays great and would be a great carry around $35 shipped

Blue dienasty- it has mold marks and it plays very well like it should $20 shipped

Northstar- plays amazing and hands down one of the best plastics ever. its orange and has mold marks. very slight vibe but plays well $30 shipped

[b]Severe 09- black without caps. it has a bunch of little dings and scuffs. its my go to 5a throw and plays phenominal $50 shipped

Edge Glow Protostar-This is an amazing player. it probably has some little pricks or something but i most likely wont get rid of it. plays smooth $30 shipped

hitman pro- Black and the rims could use a polish. No dings or anything and plays awesome. one of the best YYJ Ive ever played $35 shipped

Raw/Red 5* V1- its a very rare generalyo. from what im told there were only 8 made and 5 released at a european store. it plays amazingly smooth and comes with a kk. it is mint condition aside from normal raw surface marks on the raw half.Pending

2X Red and Black JO- this is another favorite and will be hard to get. it plays smooth and i love it. one of the best fullsized throws ive played. it has a couple small rings on the face and has scratched on the rims. amazing at 5a and 1a. i have 2 of these. one is red and the other is all black. can be switched to halved colors. the all red one has a bigger ding and scuffs and some scratches and the black one has some smaller dings. none of the damage is deep though. Would like to trade for another fullsize 3A pair. $65 each or 120 shipped for both

General-Yo Hatrick- this is a B-grade for ano flaws. There are three ano specks, two on the blue side and one on the yellow side. There is also a prick near the “B” on the yellow half that isnt noticeable. It plays super smooth and easily the best grinding yoyo i have ever tried. It plays amazing $65 shipped

Werrd Pacquiao- This is one of my favorites. it will come stacked and comes with a centrac bearing. I love this thing to death and i dont wanna get rid of it but i need the money. It plays super smooth and is the best pac ive played. it has one scratch and a few little pricks but overall in great condition. looking for $85 shipped with stacks and $75 shipped without stacks


This is easily my favorite looking yoyo. Its a custom anodized genesis done by jasonwongzero. It has the classy gold rimdipped colorway. It has a few nicks from before ano and they are covered up by the ano. it plays amazing as it looks. The only thing that will get this is a LB SPLIT DECISION. OFFER

YYF Genesis- Its the light blue and light green worlds colorway. This is my most played yoyo and one of the smoothest yoyos ive ever thrown. it has a bunch of little scuffs and a few dings but super smooth. it plays better then anything and wont go easily. i dont wanna get rid of it but for a really good offer i would.

Wants: I dont care about condition but Smooth/very slight vibe
LB split D
SB split D
Crucial Delicious
Adegle Comet
C3 capsule,darkstar, winning bird
Pink Pacquiao
JK Superstar
Blue/green beadblasted Superstar
3A pair for the JO pair
Green Northstar
Blue northstar

Supernova Lite
Bape or eetsit
Beat Titanium yoyos- Sovereign,BSP,Ti walker, aurora

I would trade u my skyline and something else for the bits and the hat trick, pm me. Thanks

im mainly looking to sell unless i get on offer n my wants list. And for future reference if any interest in my items please pm me instead of posting in my thread

I’ll trade u a skyline for the hat rick and bist

I have a g5 2010 edition with dice stacks be willing to trade for the 09 severe the y factor or the phenom pm me if interested

Free bump :smiley: Y-factor, California and Yuuksta gone to BPhilly!