FS: SPYY, YYF Superstar & Equilateral ($40 shipped each, $70 for both)

some stuff that’s been sitting in my overflow spyy box. the silver one is a pre-pro punchline, and it’s the only one that has had any real play.
thinking 75 shipped each, 90 for the ranchero.

Revenger pending.

FH’s gone. ranchero gone. revenger gone. punchline gone.

adding a yyf equilateral and a superstar. both are played but great condition (a few TINY marks that you have to look for and which don’t break the ano). both play awesome.
$40 shipped for either or $70 for both.
(gone - traded to my daughter - convenient!)

Is the green Save Deth a glow FHZ?

Is the T-rex a higby?

Is the Duncan Crew a transitional?

missed that tab. the freehands are gone, as are the revenger, punchline and ranchero. still have the solaris and amplifier.

adding a yyf superstar (gold/blue splash) and yyf equilateral (gray/black splash).