FS SPYY BB'd Addict

SPYY Addict. A little damage. Some dings next to the bearing seat, and a ding that doesn’t go through the anno (all damage shown in pics). Looks a lot worse than in real person. Oh my lord is this thing smooth. Seriously, you don’t know smooth until you have tried this yoyo. Smoothest yoyo I’ve ever thrown. No box, comes with D-sized KK bearing.

45 shipped with standard Konkave. 50 shipped with ceramic Konkave. Only offer money. Anything else will be ignored.


That pyro is beautiful… If i could buy it i would. Free Bump!


Pyro is no longer pending! Offer money or something cool please! :smiley:

You know you want the Pyro… 8)

YES! YES I DO! Lol, no money though. are you up for trades not on your wants list?


Bump. Offer on my whole collection! Pyros gone :stuck_out_tongue:


La la la la wait 'til I get my money right.

Addict possibly pending.


That looks familiar. Did you happen to get that in a trade or sale?