FS: Rebellion Butcher, Axis Pulsefire, CLYW Bonfire, Werrd Fruiture


Hey Everyone,

First up I have a Rebellion Butcher. Green, SOOOPER smooth and only a few small scuffs. Plays really well and speaks volumes for the quality of yoyos put out by Rebellion, just not up my alley feel wise. Looking for $30.

Next I have an Axis Pulsefire. This thing is near mint (would say mint but just being safe). Plays really well, like a more laid back Draupnir and is quite smooth. Great yoyo, Axis always impresses I am just more into my Mixtape! Looking for $55.

Then we have a CLYW Bonfire. This thing is mint and decently smooth (1-2 out of 10 on the string), plays like a dream with so much style! Looking for $70.

Finally is a Werrd Fruiture. This thing is covered with 3A marks but plays nice and smooth. Very stable, great flow, a very nice throw for trick construction. Looking for $50.

But them all for $170! No trades please, but will have discounts for buying more than one yoyo!


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