FS: CLYW (Bonfire, AC2), Werrd, Onedrop. CHEAP!

Got some fantastic yoyos that I hate to see leave, but I’m in need of some money here. No trades (at this time). Feel free to offer, just don’t be surprised if I decline a lowball.

Gold Bonfire - Super smooth, amazing player, absolutely love the Bonfire. This is my 2nd, I’m keeping one of them (keeping 28s to stay with my others). $120

AC2 - Extremely reluctant in getting rid of this. Have no problem holding on to it, I would just sell it for the right price. Mint in box, bushmen ed. - OFFER

Sentinel - Forest green, buttery smooth, plays like a beast. Love this thing, it just hasn’t been getting as much play as it used to. Near mint (can’t see any damage, but I’m saying near mint just to be safe). $80

Format:C - Another fantastic yoyo that hasn’t been receiving much play as of late. Red, mint in box. $70

Flickr w/ pictures: https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/119387806@N08/

can you go 100 on the bonfire?