FS:Random stuff LF:$$

Next I have 2 speed beetles (one I overcranked to make more responsive, but can be made to stay at the normal response level) and a duncan mosquito. These all need new friction stickers.
I also have a emporer palpatines shuttle star wars lego set, this one here http://www.amazon.com/LEGO-Star-Emperor-Palpatines-Shuttle/dp/B003F80J8W
It has never been opened. Looking for $45. Buyer pays shipping.

I also have a GT-OD overdrive pedal by MXR. Great pedal, preserves or distorts tone while adding a little more kick. The outside condition is mint, aside from the fact that a screw is missing from the back, but the back still stay on more than fine. Plus the light that turns on when you turn the pedal on doesn’t turn on if the battery is low. These are relativley minor things though. Looking for $70, buyer pays shipping. If you want more info about the pedal itself, here the page http://shop.jimdunlop.com/ecommerce/CatalogItemDetail.aspx?CID=96&IID=2428

Pics for any of these items on request.

And these are always for sale.

i can trade you a yomega Xodus 2 ( with yomega blue string ) for the dark magic. It sells for about $30 bucks in stores and is in pretty good condition except for some black marks ( i think you can wipe them off )

I will buy your dark magic

Sorry, it’s already gone, i forgot to update the thread.