FS: Pre-release DV888, Dif-e-yo Cross Bones

yoyo factory DV888 - $60 pre-release black colorway

SOLD yoyo factory 888- $50 its a b-grade from around 2007-2009 somewhere in there SOLD

Dif-e-yo Cross Bones $50 still have the tin and rings to go with it, again from 2007ish

a few other odds and ends like some strings and bearings, some protective felt bags that will go along with em, a few older throws like a yoyo jam hitman from way back in the day…

$100 takes everything or throw me some offers, literally have no idea any more
shipping is on you, typically $10 will cover just about anywehere in the US.

Don’t really yoyo anymore but willing to accept trades for your pc parts.




Does the og 888 have engravings?

its a B-grade so no, it has the B-grade engraving, it has a blemish in the ano which is why its a b grade, throws fine, even still for being as old as it is, kept everything pretty clean and lubed.

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bump me up there

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