FS: One Drop Prescription

Just on the hunt for a TP Anubis. Looking for one in decent condition, but would prefer a smooth one. Not looking to pay more than $200. I have a some things I can trade as well.

Prescription with no damage I can see $75

Selling this sweet LaPua without the box. It plays fantastic but has a small bit of nail vibe. No dings or scuffs but It has some small scratches and ano imperfections. Looking for $250 shipped in the US.

Anglam TISS with small scratches $450

Oyy Pshift with 1 really small flat mark and the box $117

JT FGTI with scratches but no other damage (no box) and has fingernail vibe $200

Ilyy Bias Pair for $80 Both have a couple of small scratches/pin pricks/flat spots but still good condition

Other things for trade/sale




New 888

West coast


Grapezilla parlay with no visible damage but it has some scratches on the inside holes where the side effects go. It was like this when I got it $80 (sold)
G2 Slingshot with no Damage $105 shipped sold
Oxy Ozone with no damage and no bag $70 sold
TP Solenoid no damage $86 (sold)
Intergrow Hydrangea Dahlia with no damage without the box $75 sold


someone get that parlay !

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Dude! You’re not even gonna gouge a little on the parlay?

Here, you dropped this :crown:

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That’s how you can distinguish the real Yoyo Community members from the peeps just here to flip and slang yoyos.