Fs OD Aitch NQP

Sold the old batch and now we’re moving on. One Drop Aitch, NQP. Threw a bit and it’s just not for me. Super smooth, a hint of nail vibe. I’ll replace the string on it’s way out. 55 shipped obo.


The “I’m gonna build a cube so let’s sell some stuff” bump.

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Oooh we got another bump!

Bump and a Sunday price drop!

I don’t understand the “some vibe as side effects tend to have” comment, i have 15-20 one drop yoyos and not one of them has an ounce of vibe, even the ones i have been throwing daily for years.


I’ve had a similar amount, but vibe is subjective. I’m just describing what I’ve seen myself.

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Bumps and drops! In price not the throws.

What goes bump in the night? Not me because it’s like 10am.

PM sent

Bump. Also have pre production FreqMod if anyone is interested.

Baby bump

Bump and a new listing!

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This thing is awesome. Much better hand feel than the shape would lead you to believe!

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I was ready for it to be a little rough feeling but the hand feel is actually stellar! Even for being a little narrow it’s comfortable.

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Bump? Yes I think that’s what I shall call this.