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What’s up what’s up, I have a couple yo-yos that I feel play somewhat similar in my opinion, and would like to either sell one and keep the other, or just sell both so I can replace with another heavy throw.

Prices include U.S. shipping. International has been expensive lately, so if requesting international shipment, pls be prepared to pay $20+- for shipping fee.

$OLD Lewi V- Karasu Proto NM no box Minor nail vibe (will ship prob in a tp pouch) only asking what I paid. Also, this yoyo is super unique and was blown away by the power and stability. If you don’t snag this one, keep an eye out for Lewi’s production run in the near future!

Keeping Turning Point Collapsar 1st run one ding on Ti rim, nail vibe 7/10 no visible pulsing tuneable (it’s real evident in a yo-yo this weight). This thing kicks so much a$$, and am very blessed I was able to own one. Now I’m ready for someone else to enjoy it. Comes with TP pouch.

This post is specifically for these two heavy yo-yos and these two only. Hence the reason I’m keeping it separate from my other bst post.

Both of these yo-yos are stellar, and I believe they play a little similar. So I’d really like to keep one and let someone else give the other a try.

Thanks for looking.


Karasu SOLD. The collapsar will stay up for 24hrs at this price. Then it will be gone and back to the shelf

Bump. Will be taking offers on the collapsar until tomorrow morning. Offer up! Worst I can say is no!

Yeah if the mods could just go ahead and delete this post. WAs unaware my trying to get these into hands who really wanted to try them, was going to make others feel a type of way. Enough to pm me about it.

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