FS:MM Next, Y-Factor, Protostars, Adjustomatic, California, Canon HV40 Camcorder

Yooooo, hook me up with some cash…cop some sick throws…maybe a new camera…whatever man.

All pictures here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/23518971@N08/sets/72157625990782483/

Y-Factor - Smokey black/greyish colorway…I believe it’s pretty rare. Mint condish. $70

Protostars - 1 Yellow, 1 Red. All in excellent condition. $20 for each, $50 for all 3.

Adjust-O-Matic - Black. Similar condition as 2010 severe, not too much damage though. Super underrated. Deserves a chance. $40

401k Espionage - White 3rd run, Rare. One mark on rim. $65

California - Clear Coated Prototype. Rare. Excellent condition. $60

Dv888 - Blue, first run. Very scratched up. 30 or, free if you buy 100 or more worth of my swag.

Canon HV40 HD Camcorder - Prosumer model, affordable price. An incredible series of cameras from Canon. For reference as far as yoyo videos have gone, David Ung’s “Your Future’s With Us” was shot on the HV30, the model previous to the HV40. Differences in the models include a better 24p shooting mode that doesn’t require pulldown in the editing process. This camera is perfect for shooting an amazing yoyo video, weddings, events, contests and freestyles, you name it. This is the camera I used to film several of my videos including Split Decision Part 1 & 2, Bassawhat, and Comes and Goes. This camera retails around 700-900$…I paid $900 for it brand now a year and a half ago. It’s in excellent condition, I took good care of it. I will include a free HD tape to shoot on as well. $500 and it’s yours.

Hopefully you guys are interested in my stuff. I accept paypal only. No checks. No money orders. No sending me money in the mail or any of that jazz. Oh, and no trades.