selling 2 cameras

okay i am selling both of my cameras becuase i want money (duh) ahah but i will also accept yoyos that are in the same price range as the camera.

okay the first camera is a black vivitar with hd,touch screen,2.4 lcd moniter,8.1 mega pixils.has the campability to take videos,has a spot to screw in a stand-was 130 new and is being sold for 85

the next is a blue digital concepts with a “flip out lcd moniter”, a hand strap,has the spot for a stand,has the ability to be hooked up to a tv-was 100 now is 75
okay here are pics and they were taken with my webcam so here it is
my wants:
YYF Genisis YYF DV888 Kyo Dns
YYF Severe YYF Hectic Cruicial milk
YYF Lunatic YYF frantic Heavy Cream
YYF Chaotic 401k Milk 2%
YYF Primo Gung Fu YYJ Aquarius*********will trade the blue camera for one
Any clyw YYF 888

Why did you delete the pics?

EDIT: If you are not trying to buy the sellers stuff, please don’t post in their thread. He can post a price as high as he wants. It’s up to the buyer to check to see if it’s worth that price.

dude i never had pics up im waiting for them to charge to take pics so yeah and those are the prices i paid for em at best buy so i dont know why everyone is thread jacking me

That’s why I deleted all those posts.

pics added