PLEASE PM for photos while I figure out why I can’t upload them anymore…I will email you ASAP!

I Really Want a Dang and a Chief!

What I have:
yoyofactory Avant Garde all green MIB…GONE!!!
yoyofactory Avant Garde Ann Connolly Purple MIB
yoyofactory Protostar Blue MIB

Duncan Raptor Blue Pair MIB Pending
Duncan Echo Copper color MIB Pending
Duncan Freehand Red MIB

BC Tom Kuhn 3 in 1 hardly used but a little bit of chipping. in box

Yomega Nebula looping yoyo pair MIB (Please pm me for photos.

NYYR: Point and shoot digital cameras
Nikon Coolpix S210
I used it for a while and put it away. Includes box and all the cables.

Casio Exilim EX-V7
I used this a while ago as well and upgraded, all the cables and box included.

Cameras still work great, I have recently tested them. Let me know if you want more info.

Wants… Chief!!! I like yoyos! Feel free to make offers, I’m cool!

I’m sorry for some reason I can’t post a picture? Can anybody help me? PM please!!!

Still having issues with picture size. Pm me with any suggestions…

PM’d with instructions; Free Bump!

Thanks for all the help with posting photos to those of you who PM’d me.

only trade? I would be interested in at least 1 of the Raptors depending on the price