FS: Miscellaneous Stuff 1990s to 2015ish

I’ve got some stuff going back to the 90s that I’d love to find a new home for. I can send more pics and answer any questions you have.

First pic: stickers, postcards, General-Yo Magnum dog tag

Second pic:

  • Spintastics top, clear purple
  • Ultimate ProYo II black & white, in original packaging
  • ProYo ProFire GT red with 1999 cap
  • Spintastics Technic clear, Yo-Topia cap
  • Yomega Raider purple, black, in original packaging
  • ProYo ProFire red with 1999 cap
  • Coca-Cola
  • Team Losi Grim Sleeper purple
  • BC Black Bird wooden
  • Wooden yo-yo, but I can’t remember anything about it
  • Team Losi Da Bomb in original packaging
  • Yomega Fireball clear, red, in original packaging
  • Yomega Hyper Raider blue, green, in original packaging

Third Pic:

  • 2 YoYoFactory Loop900, clear, white, include one tool, and packaging
  • 4 YoYoFactory, one painted, 3 dyed different colors
  • YoYoFactory glow in the dark, autographed by Steve Brown
  • YoYoFactory Velocity, dyed blue, with original packaging
  • YoYoJam blue
  • YoYoJam red
  • 2 YoYoJam Journey, clear, in original packaging
  • YoYoJam Classic, white, purple

Fourth Pic:

  • Counter weight golden skull
  • Weight rings
  • ProYo red
  • Duncan Freehand yellow, one side recessed
  • Duncan FHZ, glow in the dark dyed blue, space theme, with dyed counter weight
  • Duncan FHZ, dyed music notes, recessed, with dyed counter weights
  • Duncan Flying Squirrel, glow in the dark, dyed pink, with dyed counter weight
  • White FHZ caps with notches cut
  • Duncan Drifter metal, blue, silver
  • Duncan FHZ clear, painted super hero, sanded, recessed
  • Duncan FHZ Dave’s Skill Toys cap, clear, clear blue, recessed, with packaging

Fifth Pic:

  • Counter weights
  • One Drop Markmont Next with packaging
  • One Drop Rally, red, packaging
  • Chico MANimal, blue black
  • Duncan red

Sixth Pic:

  • Weight rings
  • Counter weights, some dyed
  • Dif-e-yo Cross Bones tin only
  • HSpin Envy package only


That Envy 64 pic is hilarious! I guess she’s um, grinding?

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Is the OD Rally still available???

Can we get some more pics of this so we can ID it please? I may buy it depending on what it is.




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